Chapter Officers


Executive Committee (Elected Officers)

Delsenia Murchison, Internal Auditor

Appointed Positions and Officers

Parliamentarian (Officer), Mary Bellamy

Chaplain (Officer), Hilton Cooper

Sergeant-at-arms (Officer), Lina Pearson


Historian, Sheila Leonard

Journalist, Susan Sharper

Custodian of Properties, TBD

Internal Audit Committee Members, TBD

Risk Management Coordinator, Teah Valarie

Assistant Secretary, Tiffany Brown

Timekeeper, Lafreda Doctor

Standing Committees

Arts & Letters

  • Nicole Dixon, Chair
  • Michelle Boston, Co-chair


  • Vanessa Ellison, Chair
  • Cindy Burton, Co-chair

Economic Development

  • Deidre Odom, Chair
  • Sharon Jeffcoat-Mingo, Co-chair

Educational Development

  • Nickia Burks, Chair


  • Janet Hyman, Chair
  • Sheronda Brayboy, Co-chair

Executive Board

  • Shateisha Williams, Chair


  • Kim Gordon, Chair

Information Communication/Technology

  • Ursula Gregg, Chair
  • Madison Byrd, Co-chair

Internal Audit

  • Delsenia Murchison, Chair

International Awareness & Involvement

  • Maria Cooper, Chair
  • Celeste Johnson, Co-chair

Membership Services

  • Wendy McClain, Chair


  • Sheryl Donnelly, Chair
  • Members: Hilda Connor, Jameka Sims, Cindy Burton, Tanysha

Physical & Mental Health

  • Patricia Parr, Chair
  • Focell Jackson-Dozier, Co-chair

Policies & Procedures

  • Mary Bellamy, Chair
  • Renee Wiley, Co-chair

Presidents Council

  • Hilton Cooper, Chair
  • Patricia Jenkins, Co-chair

Program Planning & Development

  • Michiko Williamson, Chair


  • Tressa Washington, Chair
  • Coretta Fulton, Co-chair

Risk Management

  • Teah Valerie, Coordinator

Rituals & Ceremonies

  • Delores Dingle, Chair


  • Wendy McClain, Chair

Signature Event (Gala, Soiree)

  • Valencia Brand, Chair
  • Shalasia Moses, Co-chair


Special Committees

Community Impact Day

  • Nicole Echols, Chair


  • Appointed when needed


  • Delsenia Murchison, Chair

Founders Day

  • Crystal Jett, Chair
  • Shevonne Graham, Co-chair


  • Michiko Williamson, Chair

May Week

  • Stephania Lenard, Chair
  • Nicki Spears, Co-chair


  • Vanessa Burges, Chair
  • Chloe Davis, Co-chair

National Pan-Hellenic Council

  • Nicole Dixon

Relay for Life

  • Aisha Graham, Chair
  • Dannielle Davis, Co-chair

Step Team

  • Diamonique Brunson, Chair
  • Alyssia Judge, Co-chiar

Ways & Means

  • Starlee Alexander, Chair