Standing and Special Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs


Arts & Letters

Yulaundra Heyward, Chair

Sheryl Donnelly, Co-Chair

Community Impact Day

Nicole Echols, Chair

Nicki Spears, Co-Chair


Vanessa Ellison, Chair

Cindy Burton, Co-Chair

Early Response Team (ERT)

Jameka Sims, Chair

Angel Brown, Co-Chair

Economic Development

Deidre Odom, Chair

Glenette Eaddy, Co-Chair

Educational Development

Kim Gordon, Chair

Tressa Washington, Co-Chair


Renee Wiley, Chair

Susan Sharper, Co-Chair


Delsenia Murchison, Chair

Francina Battiste, Co-Chair


Delsenia Murchison, Chair

Founders Day

Crystal Mack Jett, Chair

Sheri Foxworth, Co-Chair

Heritage & Archives

Charlena Timmons, Chair 

Cathy Timmons, Co-Chair

Information & Communications/Technology

Nateisha Samuel, Chair

Ciera Gordon, Co-Chair 

Karen Phillips, Photographer

International Awareness & Involvement

Valerie Lester, Chair

Celeste Brown, Co-Chair

Jabberwock Scholarship Cotillion

Shateisha Williams, First Vice, Chair


Sharon Williams

Nina Suber, Assistant

May Week

Hilda Conner, Chair

Kim Davis, Co-Chair

Music/Deltaires/Muse and Graces

Shirley Grace, Chair

Vanessa Burgess, Co-Chair

Membership Services

Wendy McClain, Second Vice, Chair

National PanHellenic Council

Nicole Dixon, Representative


Leslie McCall, Chair (elected)

Chloe Davis (elected)

Tirrell Eagleton (appointed)

Pat Parr (appointed)

Physical & Mental Health

Chloe Davis, Chair

Beverly Swinton, Co-Chair

Policies & Procedures

Tanysha Wilson, Chair

Patricia Parr, Co-Chair

Presidents Council

Hilton Cooper, Immediate Past President, Chair

Yulaundra Heyward

Henrietta Pauley Nelson

Francena Gasque

Lillian Adams

Program Planning & Development

Shateisha Williams, First Vice, Chair

Protocol & Traditions

Dorothy Edwards, Chair

Yulaundra Heyward, Co-Chair


Michiko Williamson, Chair

Chloe Davis, Co-Chair

Relay for Life

Nicole Dixon, Chair

Madison Byrd, Co-Chair

Risk Management (must be certified)

Brenda Townes, Chair

Rituals & Ceremonies

Starlee Alexander, Chair

Deloris Dingle, Co-Chair


Lina Pearson

Linda Alexander, Assistant


Wendy McClain, Second Vice, Chair

Signature Event (Soiree)

Valencia Brand, Chair

Michelle Moses, Co-Chair

Social Action (Political Awareness & Involvement)

Nadine Livingston, Chair

Rosalyn Graham, Co-Chair

Step Team

Diamonique Brunson, Chair

Ciera Gordon, Co-Chair

Ways & Means

Starlee Alexander, Chair

Aisha Graham, Co-Chair